Accidents do happen: make first aid your first mate !

Injuries, whether minor or severe, can happen anywhere, but those that happen aboard a boat come with an additional challenge—help is not always convenient or readily available. That’s why it’s essential to have a marine first aid kit aboard your vessel.

You should be prepared for any onboard emergencies with a first aid kit that’s stocked for the typical number of passengers you have aboard—and the remoteness of the area in which you’ll be boating. The former dictates the number of individual items you’ll want to have in your kit; the latter dictates the extent of that kit’s contents and what might need to be done on board before you can reach medical assistance. For day excursions in your home area and within short distance to emergency services, a basic first aid kit will cover most common needs. Our numerous waterproof kits serve from Inland waters, Near Coastal waters and Ocean waters.

Oceanus ” Basic first aid kit” $60.00

TRITON   Small Kits ( Inland )  $199.99

NEPTUNE  Large ( Near Coastal)   $299.99

POSEIDION   Offshore kit  $399.99

AED with Waterproof hard case $1250.00