Meet the Staff

Captain Mike Littlefield

Captain Mike Littlefield has been working on the water for over 30 years, with experience in such diverse parts of the industry as Lobster boats, Fishing Boats and Tugboats. The main portion of his experience is on ITB'S. Captain Mike holds a 1600 ton Masters of Oceans license, Second Mate Unlimited and Master of Towing Vessels upon Oceans as well as an Unlimited Radar Endorsement, ARPA, Tankship PIC, Medical PIC, Advanced Fire Fighting, OICNW, RFPNW, GMDSS Operator, VSO, VPSD, AB Unlimited with Lifeboatmen, Fast Rescue Boat and Designated Examiner for TOAR and OICNW

Lindsay Castergini-Littlefield

Lindsay Castergini-Littlefield has been managing and running various companies since the age of 16. She is extremely knowledgeable in the operations of a companies and bookkeeping.