Narragansett Bay Maritime Training has designed these courses on years of knowledge at being at sea. We also back our training by offering to the student free refresher training on the courses they sign up for and pass. This means that if you pass the OUPV, you can come back and sit in on future classes to refresh your memory. Feel free to contact Captain Mike to further discuss.

OUPV Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels

The Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV) License is commonly referred to as a 6-Pack License.

For the purpose of the OUPV endorsement, an uninspected passenger vessel is a vessel of less than 100 GRT (about 65 feet) carrying six or fewer passengers for hire. It is quite popular and can be endorsed with Master’s Upgrades rated by tonnage of 25 Gross Tons, 50 GT, or 100 GT increments. The Master’s upgrade allows the holder to operate inspected vessels as well as uninspected ones. The total number of passengers is limited to six or fewer. Non-U.S. citizens may be restricted to undocumented vessels with a 5 net ton limit.

Typically, an OUPV Credential is used in the context of small-scale fishing boats, SCUBA boats, whale-watching, and the like.

This course is USCG approved for candidates applying for their Six-Pack – Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel (OUPV) License.

To obtain an OUPV Credential, 360 days’ experience on Inland or Near Coastal waters is required. Of the 360 total days:

  • 90 days must be within the last 3 years
  • 90 days must be on Great Lakes if the applicant wants to obtain a Great Lakes Rating on the license
  • 90 days must be on Near Coastal waters to obtain a Near Coastal Rating, which also qualifies for Inland and the Great Lakes.

Course is 56 hours

Cost is $1250.00

The First Aid and CPR training date will be determined on the first day of class and is not part of the 56 hours required classroom training. 

Course Dates: 2024


Weekdays start at 5:00 pm till 10:00 pm
Weekends start at 8:00 am till 5:00 pm


1/2/2024 5pm-10pm
1/4/2024 5pm-10pm
1/7/2024 8am-5pm
1/9/2024 5pm-10pm
1/11/2024 5pm-10pm
1/13/2024 9am-3pm drug test & physical
1/14/2024 8am-5pm
1/16/2024 5pm-10pm
1/18/2024 5pm-10pm
1/20/2024 1pm first aid class (tentative)
1/21/2024 8am-5pm
1/23/2024 5pm-10pm
1/25/2024 5pm-10pm
1/28/2024 9am-5pm test


2/1/2024 5pm-10pm
2/4/2024 8am-5pm
2/6/2024 5pm-10pm
2/8/2024 5pm-10pm
2/11/2024 8am-5pm
2/13/2024 5pm-10pm
2/15/2024 5pm-10pm
2/17/2024 9am-3pm drug test & physical1pm first aid class (tentative)
2/18/2024 8am-5pm
2/20/2024 5pm-10pm
2/22/2024 5pm-10pm
2/25/2024 8am-5pm
2/27/2024 5pm-10pm test


2/29/2024 5pm-10pm
3/3/2024 8am-5pm
3/5/2024 5pm-10pm
3/7/2024 5pm-10pm
3/10/2024 8am-5pm
3/13/2024 5pm-10pm
3/14/2024 5pm-10pm
3/16/2024 8am-5pm
3/19/2024 5pm-10pm
3/21/2024 5pm-10pm
3/23/2024 9am-3pm drug test & physical1pm first aid class,
3/24/2024 8am-5pm
3/26/2024 5pm-8pm test


3/28/2024 5pm-10pm
3/30/2024 8am-5pm
4/2/2024 5pm-10pm
4/4/2024 5pm-10pm
4/6/2024 9am-3pm drug test & physical, 1pm first aid class
4/7/2024 8am-5pm
4/9/2024 5pm-10pm
4/11/2024 5pm-10pm
4/14/2024 8am-5pm
4/16/2024 5pm-10pm
4/18/2024 5pm-10pm
4/21/2024 8am-5pm
4/23/2024 5pm-8pm test

Upgrade to Master 100 Gross Tons

This course is for upgrading an existing OUPV License (6-pack) to a 25-ton, 50-ton or 100-ton Masters License.

It can also be taken in conjunction with the OUPV course to apply for the Masters License.

Course is 24 hours and runs for three consecutive days.

Cost $650.00

Course Dates: 2024

NBMT 2024 SCHEDULING for Upgrade to Master 100 Gross Tons Courses


2/3/2024 8am-5:30pm
2/10/2024 8am-5:30pm
2/17/2024 8am-5:30pm

March  TBD 


4/27/2024 8am-5:30pm
4/28/2024 8am-5:30pm
4/29/2024 8am-5:30pm

Commercial Assistance Towing

Any USCG OUPV (6-Pack) or Master licensed captain up to 200 tons, who wishes to assist disabled vessels for a fee must have a Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement added to his or her license.

4 hours of classroom lectures

Course Dates:

Cost $225.00

Course Dates: 2024

NBMT 2024 SCHEDULING for Commercial Assistance Towing Courses


1/27/2024 8am-5pm


2/24/2024 8am-5pm

Rules of the Road Refresher

Participants successfully completing the refresher course for Navigational Rules of the Road will be capable of undertaking all of the responsibilities expected of a watch officer within their field of expertise. Students will know the responsibility and understand the importance factor of the safety aspect of being the Watch officer of the vessel they are on. The principal aim is to develop individual trainer attributes.

The Rules of the Road Refresher course is directed at prompting the knowledge, skills and attitudes, which the watch officer should possess, so he maintains a safe navigational watch.

The students will learn the Skills below relating to:

  • Basic Principles Watchkeeping
  • COLREGS , Inland and International Navigation Rules, Basic Principles watchkeeping, Navigation Safety Regs (33cfr 164)
  • Our course teaches and assesses COLREGs in-line with the IMO International regulations for preventing collisions at sea in an easy and user-friendly manner with a clear interpretation and better understanding of the rules. The course demonstrates various situations between vessels and clearly explains which rules should be applied by the mariners.

Course is 16 hours.

Course Dates: Contact us to set up dates.

Cost $250.00



You may be eligible for Finacial Aid through the Ted Williams Memorial fund. Check out to see if you qualify.

Refund Policy:

Due to limited seating, we request that if you wish to withdraw from the class, you cancel at least 30 days before the scheduled class start date. This gives us the opportunity to fill the class. To withdraw from class please email [email protected]. If you have to withdraw from your class, we offer you a full refund if cancellation is 30 days or more prior to the start date of class. However, if you do not cancel prior to the 30 days, you will lose the payment for the class and will not be refunded. When you register for a class, you agree to these terms.